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got to be respectful

Good Morning Drifters before the big storm,

Our Trail master was out for a ride this morning and very disheartened by all the off trailing he saw particularly in areas CLEARLY marked to stay on the trail and even riding on areas marked NO Snowmobiling. We know how fun it is to get out there but you've GOT to be respectful of landowner request and marked trails. We can't keep going behind these knuckleheads and fixing landowner relations to keep the trails open. The handful of us that try to keep this system open for you all are about to say the hell with it and let the system close. We put hundreds of VOLUNTEER hours in so you have a trail system to enjoy but the disrespect of us and the landowners is getting out of hand. There are appropriate places to play but when a trail is clearly marked you HAVE to stay on it. If you want to go off trailing you've got to go trailer North of here where it's OKAY to do so. PLEASE be respectful or the trail system will begin to get shut down by upset landowners. YOU'VE GOT TO DO YOUR PART. Have a good time, be respectful, and most importantly be safe.



Hi Drifters, 

Our weather woes may finally be behind us.  February has made a significant weather change.  Received 6" yesterday with 2-3" coming tomorrow.  Then a whopper Sunday into Monday with potentially 12-20" and maybe another big one Thursday.  As soon as we get the big storm Monday and a few sleds do some packing for us we will get the groomers back on the trail.  On January 1st we had them out for 9-12 hours so hopefully any issues had shown up then.  Fingers crossed for so good snow coming our way!!


bonfire planned and upcoming events

Hello Drifters,

A few events to mark your calendars for.  February 4th we are planning a bonfire with burgers and hot dogs at the site of past bonfires off of William Knight Road beginning at 5:00. The site is next to the trail so you can ride in or drive by auto since it's next to the road as well.  Hoping to have enough snow for a ride in but either way we'd love for you to join us.

This coming weekend is Snodeo in Rangley, 1/20-22/2017.  They have had a bunch of snow and have been grooming regularly so conditions should be good up there.  It's also the Maine and New Brunswick Tourism Weekend, see the details on the link below.

January 27th-29th is the annual reciprocal weekend between Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  See the States specifics but for the most part if you are registered in Maine you can ride in all 3 States that weekend.  Remember NH has speed limits which are enforced.  Again just do a search on Maine reciprocal snowmobile weekend and the States will come up, here is a link to Maine:

We may not have ideal riding conditions here in Windham but get out and enjoy our Great State!!


icy conditions

Hello Drifters,

Unfortunately we received a bunch of rain on 1/3/17 and again on 1/12/17.  With the cold temperatures coming this weekend that will cause some dangerously icy and hard conditions on the trails.  There will be a lot ice, rocks, stumps, and such on the trails.  Use extreme caution if you dare to venture out.  Most people will have issues with overheating and slider problems with no lose snow on the trails.

Last weekend the club rented a machine to cut and widen the trails on the Powerline.  If you do go out you will find a lot of debris on those 2 trails until the next snow to cover it.  Please use caution and be aware of this.  

Mark your calendars for February 4th at 5:00.  We will be hosting a bonfire at the same site as the past years on William Knight Road next to the trail.  Stay tuned for more details.


16" of fresh snow last night

Hey Drifters,
Windham got much more snow then the weather guys had predicted yesterday morning or even evening. Here at the South groomer base there is 16" of fresh new snow. We've heard reports that North Windham had even more. So get those sleds registered at Town Hall today or online and go riding. We will get out grooming but with this much soft snow we need to let sleds do a little packing first. Hopefully beginning Saturday or Sunday night we will be able to start working the trails. Some depends on crew since several guys had planned a trip to Eustis when we heard it was going to rain here. The beautiful thing is the weather guys were wrong and it snowed and snowed. Get out riding respect our landowners, stay on marked trails, and be safe!!