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darn el nino

Hello Drifters,

Once again we have had to close the trail system down.  The past 48 hours warm temps and 2" of heavy rain has ruined the little snow pack we had.  Many sections of the trail are down to grass and flooded at the moment.  All we can do is hope to salvage some of the season if snow does arrive soon.  The sad thing is that even the county received rain which raised havoc with the limited snow they had as well.  It's been a rough year for any snow lover doing any snow activity this season.


Land Trust Bridge

Hello Drifters,

We have been able to work with the Land Trust to have Jason Elder from M.L. Rogers Excavation help lower the beaver dam water level.  By this morning the water had dropped significantly enought that what was left began to freeze.  With the cold nights coming this area should now freeze tight. 

Trails have very thin cover so use caution since rocks, stumps, and ice will be all around.  Stay on the trail and Ride Safe and Ride Right.


trails reopened

Hello drifters,

The trails have been reopened however the snow cover is still VERY thin.  There are several open water areas and a couple are quite deep.  Do not cross open water.  You will also find rock and stumps exposed especially in the wooded areas due to the very thin snow cover.  Ride Safe, Ride Smart



From our Trailmaster Joe :

Good evening (2/5/2016), we know with the fresh snow it's tempting to run out and ride. Please remember that the Windham trails are still closed. The ground is not frozen and with the recent warm temperatures the water and mud holes have opened back up . please respect our land owners and stay off the trails. There is some colder temperatures in the forecast and we will evaluate the trail system and keep you posted. Thank you


due to lack of snow

Hello Drifters,

Due to the lack of snow and the super warm temperatures this week we have made the decision to close the trails.  Several miles of trail are down to bare dirt and there are many open water holes causing huge safety issues.  Please respect our landowners property and stay off the trails.  once we receive more snow we'll reevaluate and hopefully be able to open them once again.

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